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At D. T. Electric, LLC we are committed to providing the Woodlawn Heights, IN area with quality products and outstanding workmanship when it comes to your lighting design service. We are a family oriented company in the Woodlawn Heights, IN area that always keeps the security of you and your family in mind. You can always be assured that a safe and quality job is guaranteed every time. D. T. Electric, LLC gives reliable service at affordable prices on all of your lighting design services. Attention to detail is extremely important, and with over 16 years of experience you know you can count on D. T. Electric, LLC for all of your lighting design needs in the Woodlawn Heights, IN area. Please give us call for an estimate at 317-908-8909.
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D. T. Electric, LLC is committed to providing superior customer service, and being cost effective and giving attention to detail for all of your lighting design needs in the Woodlawn Heights, IN area, ensuring complete satisfaction. D. T. Electric, LLC will make sure your vision comes together with your lighting design designs. We look forward to working directly with our customers in the Woodlawn Heights, IN area and meeting all of your lighting design needs because the details matter. Please call D. T. Electric, LLC for an estimate if you are in the Woodlawn Heights, IN area at 317-908-8909.
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Saving lighting energy requires either reducing electricity consumed by the light bulbs and light fixtures or reducing the length of time that the lights are on. This can be accomplished by: Reducing the amount of time that lights are on. This can be accomplished by using dimmers and other lighting controls, and educating family members to turn off unneeded lights. Lowering wattage, which involves replacing bulbs or entire fixtures with bulbs and fixtures that provide the same amount or greater amounts of light with but with reduced electricity usage. Today, this can be accomplished most easily by replacing inefficient incandescent bulbs with incandescent/halogen bulbs or compact fluorescent bulbs.

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